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Articles Published in the WLHS Journals

This is a list of articles in the WLHS Journals. 

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Journal 1 (Ed. Jean Linwood) 1994-5

  • The early growth of Willesden, especially Cricklewood. P. Durnford
  • Louis Wain, cat artist. Jean Linwood
  • Willesden transport reminiscences of 1945-51 Dilwyn Chambers
  • Links with the past – William James Pincombe J.P. 19874-1952. Roger Cook
  • Memory Lane – Saturday morning, Brett Road 1919/20. George Morley
  • The St.Peter le-Pore bells at St.Mary, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • A Place called Willesden. Jean Linwood
  • Recent re-ordering of the nave floor of St.Mary, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 2 (Ed.Jean Linwood) 1995-6

  • Construction of St.Michael All Angels, Stonebridge. Cliff Wadsworth
  • George Furness’s Willesden Brick & Tile Co. A Personal Memory. Vera Thompson
  • Pearl buttons and charity – with reference to Willesden. Jean Linwood
  • At school in Wartime Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • In search of Normanby Road. Cathy Mercer.

Journal 3 (Ed. Jean Linwood) Summer 1996

  • Happy Jack Butler of Willesden Green
  • Architecture of Edward J.Tarver in Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Please remember the Grotto. Jim Golland
  • Midland S W Junction Railway road crossings. Dilwyn Chambers
  • Willesden’t listed buildings. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Thanks for the memories, Willesden. Tolley

Journal 4 ( Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Autumn 1996

  • A Kilburn Childhood. Gwen Molloy
  • New info on the brass of the unknown lady, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Ronan McCloskey, Victim of road rage. Cathy Mercer
  • Replacement of the G. U. Canal Aqueduct over North Circular Road. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Sir John Betjeman and Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 5 (Ed. J.Linwood and Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 1997

  • Ken Valentine. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Some notes on Willesden County School. Vera Thompson
  • An Agit-prop theatre – Unity Theatre King’s Cross. Gwen Molloy
  • Willesden links at the Tate Gallery. Jean Linwood
  • Albert Trott, Middx Cricketer and Willesden resident. Doug Linwood
  • Lost memorial brasses of Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden’s Industrial greatness. Part 1. Jean Linwood
  • Jewish Cemetery, Willesden

Journal 6. (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 1997-9

  • Visit to Twyford Abbey. Gwen Molloy
  • Memories of Willesden Junction in 1940s – 50s. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Extract from St Mary’s Churchwardens’ accounts
  • Willesden Agricultural Shows. Dilwyn Chambers
  • Park Royal Station and Agricultural Show. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Sir Thomas More, the Willesden Connection. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Harmsworth. Gwen Molloy
  • Killed by a coffin. Doug Linwood

Journal 7 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 1998

  • An early flight from Park Royal via Wormwood Scrubs. Cliff Wadsworth
  • First aid post in Willesden, W.W.2. Lilian Noble
  • Dollis Hill Research Station
  • Willesden Emblems. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The closing of Kensal Green and Harlesden’ station. Kilburn Times
  • Vernon House School. John Robbins
  • Kingsbury Bridge. WHS Journal No. 7

Journal 8 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 1998/9

  • The growth of Willesden Green in 19/20 centuries. Zoe Ryle
  • The Old Plough, Kensal Green. Ian Johnson
  • Cropleys of Willesden Green. Olive Brown
  • The River Brent in 1892. B. Monkton Copeman 1893
  • Religion in Willesden Green. Zoe Ryle
  • The Red Cross in Willesden. Doris Spradbrow

Journal 9 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 1999

  • Louis Wain, the Cat Artist. Mayhew Home Mag 1997
  • The not so sacred well of Willesden. Zoe Ryle
  • Holywell, wholly true? Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Willesden Boundary. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Cinemas of old Willesden. Gwen Molloy

Journal 10 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 1999/2000

  • Willesden Memories, 1925-48. Dudley Crowdy
  • Saxby and Farmer of Kilburn. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Harlesden Village in 1885. Brent Archives (1914)
  • Samuel Tilley, local board clerk. 1875-96. Cliff Wadsworth
  • North Circular Road through-way. Willesden Chronicle 1933
  • John Nodes. Newspaper report
  • Paddington Old Cemetery Chapel. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 11 ( Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Summer 2000

  • Mary’s Willesden restoration, 1999. Cliff Wadsworth
  • London & Birmingham Railway through Brent 1840. Railway Guide 1840
  • Willesden football teams. From a book Gone, but not Forgotten, with permission.

Journal 12 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2000/1

  • Roman Willesden, at last. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Gladstone and the Park, 1899. Windsor Magazine, Vol. 10
  • The Gaumont State Cinema, Kilburn. Juliette Soester
  • The Grand Junction Canal, 1819. From John Hassel’s Tour of the Grand Junction, 1819.
  • Shoot up Hill Windmill. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 13 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2001

  • Roundwood Park, Robson Vision (letter from Robson, 1893)
  • The pre-history of St.Raphaels, Willesden Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden Boundary Walk 3. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden Hedgerows. Leslie Williams
  • They Lyric, Harlesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 14 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2001/2

  • Vera Thompson. Obituary
  • Matthews Cemetery. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Kilburn Empire. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Beeson and Sons
  • Cricklewood, its origin. Walter E.Waller
  • Liverpool Street Station. Paul Taylor.

Journal 15 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2002

  • Willesden Green Memories 1926-45. Doris Wiseman
  • Heinz Factory. Willesden Illustrated News, 1937
  • Memories of Brondesbury, WW2. Gwen Molloy
  • Kilburn Priory. 1805. Rev. T D Powell, Brent Archives
  • 1908 Olympic Marathon through Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Short articles:
  • An empty Welsh Harp
  • Dollis Hill Bunker
  • Working Boats in the Grand Union Canal.

Journal 16 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2002/3

  • Juliette Soester. Obituary
  • Tavistock Villa – the end of a good house. Cliff Wadsworth
  • White Teeth. Doug Linwood
  • Royal Agricultural Show at Park Royal. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Coach and Horses, Hillside. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 17 ( Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Summer 2003

  • Hurworth, Stonebridge Park. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Palace of Varieties, Hillside. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Recent WLHS Talks. Margaret Pratt

Journal 18 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2003/4

  • Raphael’s Church, Neasden. Dr.Rex Walford
  • Beagling in Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Picardy, 120 High Street Harlesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden Civil Defence, 1940. Bill Sylverster
  • Neasden S. Signal Box. Dilwyn Chambers

Journal 19 (Ed Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2004.

  • The Demise of Willesden Football Club. Terry Lomas
  • Willesden Junction Train Crash, 5.12.1910. Daily Mirror 1910
  • Founding of St.Andrews Hospital, Dollis Hill. Ken Valentine, 1983
  • Church End road names. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 20 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2004/5

  • Early days of WLHS. Gwen Molloy
  • Cricklewood to Acton Branch Line. John Clarke
  • Mother Emily Ackbowm, 1836-1900.  Margaret Pratt.
  • Mapesbury House, Brondesbury. Dilwyn Chambers.
  • Roundwood Park flagpole. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Dog Lane Mill Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 21 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2005

  • Christchurch Schools, Brondesbury. Ken Valentine
  • Adelaide Eady – a Willesden story from New Zealand
  • Barry Road Laundry. Dilwyn Chambers
  • More on Louis Wain. Boys Own Paper, 1908
  • A view from Neasden. Linda Hares
  • Memories of Great Central Railway. John Clarke
  • Roundwood Park Gates. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 22 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2005/6

  • Harry Hone’s Letter from a member
  • Mary’s Restoration, 2005. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Neasden Junction Signal Box. John Clarke
  • A Teenager in Willesden, 1940s. Gerry Eady

Journal 23 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth), Summer 2006

  • Oldfield Road School. Jean Linwood
  • Willesden Junction Signal Box. John Clarke
  • A letter from Mark Twain. Hamilton Hay
  • Hazel Road Mission Church. Willesden Chronicle 1837
  • Listed Buildings, the rules. Dilwyn Chambers
  • The Altar Stone of St.Mary’s Cliff Wadsworth
  • Pember Road Chapel

Journal 24. (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Winter 2006/7

  • George Morland. Gwen Molloy
  • Mother Emily and a foundling, Kilburn Orphanage of Mercy. Gerry Eady
  • Old Oak Sidings Wharf. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Matthew’s Willesden – a visit 15/7/2006

Journal 25 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2007

  • Charles Garforth, V.C. Terry Lomas
  • Cricklewood railway scenes. John Clarke
  • Paul’s Church, Oxgate. Robin Midwinter
  • A Busman’s Funeral. Tina Morton
  • CMH Clocktower. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Orange Tree, Stonebridge.
  • The new feeder bridge. Cliff Wadsworth
  • A Palace on Shoot-up Hill. Gwen Molloy
  • John Betjeman in Willesden. Joan Oakley

Journal 26 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Winter 2007/8

  • Tavistock Villa. Michael Leveridge
  • VI flying bombs in Willesden. Ernest Wisner.
  • Houdini in Harlesden
  • Willesden and Vintage motors. Zoe Ryle.
  • John Kidd, Willesden’s Rock’n’Roll star. Terry Lomas
  • Neasden Home Guard. Martin Percival
  • Alex Stewart, Willesden artist. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 27 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth), summer 2008.

  • The Inclosure of Kensal Green. Michael Leveridge.
  • Evacuation from Willesden, Part 1 Gerry Eady
  • The Well on the Hill. Zoe Ryle
  • B. Evans & Co. of Kilburn. Geoff Salt

Journal 28 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth), winter 2008/9

  • Willesden, 1858-9. Extract, London City Mission
  • Evacuation from Willesden. Part 2. Gerry Eady
  • The Bakers of Donnington. Helen Backhouse-Olatunji
  • James’, Harlesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 29. (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Summer 2009

  • Another evacuation from Willesden. John Lebor
  • Willesden Pop Stars, 2. Jet Harris. Terry Lomas
  • Kilburn Brewery. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Stadium, Oaklands Road. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Glimpses of College Road. Alan Merrywether
  • Grange Road, Willesden Green. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 30 (Ed.Cliff Wadsworth). Winder 2009/10

  • Evacuation from Willesden. Part 3. Gerry Eady.
  • Two shops in Station Road. Helen Backhouse-Olatunji
  • The 1908 Olympic Marathon. Cliff Wadsworth
  • James Dixon, Vicar of Willesden, 1902-24. Christopher Pelgar.
  • Ted Lankester, Bellringer. Cliff Wadsworth
  • More on St. Mary’s “Holy Well”. Cliff Wadsworth
  • 34087 Tangmere – a rare visitor to Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 31 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2010

  • John Beeston G.M. John Beeston
  • Grand Junction Canal Feeder. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Kingsbury Watermill. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden Characters, 1915. Arnold Charles Lee
  • Willesden War Memorials
  • John Beer, Station Master. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Telford’s Aqueduct. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Finch table tomb. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 32 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2010/11

  • Church End Memories. Arnold Charles Lee
  • Raising the flag. Par 1. Political & Social life. Gerry Eady
  • Looking for Frederick – researching F.A. Wood. Dick Weindling
  • Willesden Carnival – a torchlight procession. May 1900. Martin Percival
  • Paul’s Kilburn Square. Alan Hovell

Journal 33 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2011

  • Streets between Kilburn High Road and Queen’s Park. Michael Alpert
  • Matthews Hall. 28/9/1940. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Foxholes Rifle range
  • The Beeson Family. John Pearson
  • John Betjeman’s In A Willesden Churchyard. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Twyford Ancestors. John Twyford
  • Willesden’s first swimming pool. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Kensal Green Coffee House. Henry Vivian-Neal

Journal 34 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2011/12

  • Meyrick Road at Chapel End, Willesden. Sheila de Alteris
  • Gaumont State opening. 1937 article from Melody Maker
  • Arthur Machen and the horror of Harlesden. Malcolm Barres-Baker
  • Knowles Tower. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Coffee Palace and Workman’s Hall, Kensal Green. John Cunningham
  • Cries of the street in Kilburn. Gerry Eady
  • Furness Road School. Dennis Storeham
  • Thomas Illingworth and Co. Dick Weindling, Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 35 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2012

  • Vera Ellery, 1948 Olympian. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Tom Richards and 1948 Olympics
  • Glassers shop in Willesden High Road
  • 50th anniversary of closing of Neasden Shed. John Clarke
  • The Met railway comes to Neasden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Samuel Tilby & Stanley Ball – private lives. Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms
  • John Smyth Crone. Helen & Graham Crone
  • Bartholomew Willesden. James Oakley
  • The Crown, Harlesden. Willesden Chronicle 1888.

Journal 36 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2012/13

(First colour edition)

  • A Kilburn Murder. Dick Weindling
  • Alfred Joseph Baker. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Meyrick Road memories. Rita Dicks
  • David Jamilly, film pioneer. David Jamilly Jr.
  • The Potter family, coachbuilding in Willesden. Cliff Potter
  • The A.R.P. at Neasden. Dave Unwin.

Journal 37 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2013

  • Neasden Railway Village. Philip Grant
  • Door-to-door trading in Neasden. Dave Unwin
  • German Boy Scouts visit 1909. Willesden Chronicle report
  • Constitutional Hall, Harlesden. Cliff Wadsworth, D. Jamilly
  • Leveridge and Co, 90 years of printing in Harlesden. Michael Leveridge
  • Albert Frederick Bolton. Alan Merryweather
  • Mora Road school evacuations, WW2. Evacuation Magazine

Journal 38 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2013/14

  • Brondesbury Manor. Jane Mansri
  • The Twyford Family. F.A. Wood lecture, from 1885
  • Percival Pott, Surgeon. Willesden Chronicle, 1902
  • A run from the Spotted Dog by Polytechnic Harriers, 1887. Cliff Wadsworth and Malcolm Barres-Baker
  • Willesden Families. Sheila de Alteris
  • James Dixon, Vicar of Willesden 1902 -24. Christopher Pelgar
  • How Galton Street was named. Penny Youard
  • More on Neasden Railway Village. Dave Unwin

Journal 39 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2014

  • A Harlesden Photographer at the British Empire Exhibition. Philip Grant
  • High Speed 2. Peter Finch
  • Mill Hill to Brighton via Acton. Railway Magazine 1949
  • Dollis Hill Farm. Post Office Magazine, 1939
  • Kensal Rise Cycling Club. Hob Hyatt & Cliff Wadsworth
  • Waverley Car Factory. Terry Lewis
  • Willesden in 1843. H.K. North, Willesden Chronicle 1926
  • Willesden Worthies. Ivor Davies. Betty Davies
  • Prebendary George Oakley. Joan Oakley & Cliff Wadsworth
  • Gwen Bennett-Molloy. Gwen and Cliff Wadsworth
  • Ken Valentine. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Len Snow. Len Snow & Dave Unwin
  • Jean Linwood. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Vera Thompson. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 40 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2014/15

  • More on the Plough, Kensal Green. Signe Hoffos & Cliff Wadsworth
  • More on the Waverley Car Co, Ltd. Keith Gilbert
  • Mason’s Arms, Kensal Green. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Bradshaws, a journey from Euston to Harrow. Dilwyn Chambers
  • Law and order in West London. Penny Youard
  • Borough of Willesden Social Club (“the dust”) Dave Unwin
  • Jack’s Cabin, Lower Place. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Harrow Road Milestones. Cliff Wadsworth
  • A walk to Willesden, 1817. John Hassell, 1817
  • The Sanctus Bell at St.Mary, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 41 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2015

  • The Welsh Harp. Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms
  • William Axten Photos. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Life and death at Kensal Green. Michael Leveridge
  • Paddock, the WW2 Bunker at Dollis Hill Research Station. Denis Lisney
  • Even more on the Plough, Kensal Green. Peter Finch
  • Mary’s Pilgrim Badges. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 42 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Winter 2015/16

  • QPR in Willesden. Gordon Macey & Martin Percival
  • William T. Ecclestone (Jolly Jumbo) Cliff Wadsworth
  • A Harlesden Walk. Margaret Pratt
  • Hurrah for the Hippodrome! Willesden’s first theatre. Len Snow
  • Keith Holroyd at the Grange Museum. Maddy Holroyd
  • John the Baptist, Dudden Hill Lane
  • The manufacture of bricks in Willesden. F.A. Wood. 1876
  • Researching local history. Ken Valentine, 1982

Journal 43 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth) Summer 2016

  • Leslie Thomas and Dangerous Davies. Dick Weindling
  • Victor George Hayward, A.M. Peter Hayward
  • Pre-Victorian glass of St. Mary, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Special show cars of Park Ward, 1934 – 1939. Peter Wharton, 1970
  • Mitre Bridge, Scrubs Lane. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 44. (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Winder 2016/17

  • The Island, last purpose built pub in Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Mill Hill to Brighton, via Acton. Railway Magazine, 1949
  • Only here for the beer! Cliff Wadsworth
  • Boundary markers. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Orphanage of Mercy, Kilburn. Kilburn Times, 1883
  • Southend-on-Sea, c.1900 William Axten
  • The Hatchments at St. Mary, Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • WW2 “Hubs” in Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Mayhew Animal Home, College Park. Margaret Pratt
  • Origin of the Grand Junction Canal Feeder. Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 45 (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Summer 2017

  • The People’s Garden, Willesden. Dick Weindling
  • Railway accidents in WW2. John Clarke
  • Mary’s Willesden vicarages. Cliff Wadsworth
  • The Juryman Murder of 1919. Dick Weindling
  • The “Royal Standard”, Kensal Green. Cliff Wadsworth
  • More on the Orphanage of Mercy, Kilburn. Gerry Eady
  • The Queen Mother vistis Neasden. Linda Hares
  • Crimes at Dollis Hill Research Station. Dick Weindling
  • Mary’s Churchyard, c. 1881. The Wood Collection
  • Death in St. John’s Church. Dick Weindling
  • Memories of Willesden Junction Station.

Journal 46. (Ed. Cliff Wadsworth). Winter 2017/18

  • Mud, glorious mud! Royal Agricultural Show, Kilburn. Dick Weindling.
  • Coach and Horses, Stonebridge. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Rucklidge Ave murder (the blind girl and the cat) Dick Weindling
  • A Willesden Bank Job. Dick Weindling
  • Bells and Willesden. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Grunwick mural unveiled. Harry Brown
  • Pub name changes. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Willesden’s first swimming pool. Cliff Wadsworth
  • Captain Arthur Brooke. Dick Weindling.

Journal 47 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2018

  • The Stonebridge of My Youth Roger Macklen
  • The Willesden Isolation Hospital Dick Weindling
  • The Danger of Sucking Pencils Dick Weindling
  • The Untold History of the Swaminarayan Temple in Neasden Chris Hern
  • Hidden History @379-381High Road – the Story So Far Linda Davies
  • A Book Review. Dilwyn Chambers
  • Film Location in Willesden Terry Lomas
  • A Visit to St.Matthew’s, Willesden Irina Porter and Andrew Teather
  • Scandal in Willesden Dick Weindling
  • Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University by Irina Porter
  • Milk Bottle Memories Dilwyn Chambers

Journal 48 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 2018/19

  • Grunwick – The Other Mural Harry Brown
  • The Regency Hall and the Willesden Tragedy Dick Weindling
  • Liberals Win Willesden By-Election Philip Grant
  • Willesden in Popular Culture and Books Terry Lomas
  • A Walk In Roundwood Park Margaret Pratt
  • The Railway Babies Dick Weindling
  • Brent – Borough of Culture 2020 Harry Brown
  • An Unusual World War I Memorial J. Valentine
  • Calling all Members Harry Brown

Journal 49 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2019

  • Graham Young: The Teenage Poisoner of Neasden Dick Weindling
  • The Westbourne – The ‘Lost River’ John and Anne Hill
  • The Timeline for the Grange, Neasden Margaret Pratt
  • Anyone for Research? Harry Brown
  • The Story of Meyrick Road Sophia MacGibbon
  • History of St.John’s, Kensal Green Fr David Ackerman and Penny Youard
  • Gwen Bennett-Molloy Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 50 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 2019/20

  • News from the Libraries Harry Brown, Irina Porter, John Hill
  • Celebrating 50 Years of WLHS Journal Irina Porter and WLHS Committee
  • Bartholomew Willesden J. Valentine
  • On Walking (via Willesden) Holland
  • A Short Walk in Neasden Margaret Pratt
  • Walking Tour of High Road, Willesden Irina Porter
  • 1964 Willesden Carnival John Hill
  • Jack the Ripper and the Willesden Doctor Dick Weindling
  • Harlesden Public Clock, Part 1 Harry Brown
  • Sleigh Ride Anne Hill

 Journal 51 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2020

  • Brent Green Spaces Project. Harry Brown
  • The Case for Altamira. Margaret Pratt and Irina Porter
  • VE Street Parties in Willesden
  • Harlesden Public Clock, Part 2 Harry Brown
  • “Sure, You’ll Have A Cup Of Tea” Anne Hill
  • Interactive music maps of NW London – Part 1 Dick Weindling
  • The Neasden Heiress. Information from “Neasden, A Historical Study,” by K.J. Valentine.
  • In Willesden Churchyard. John Betjeman

Journal 52 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 2020/21

  • Memories from a Childhood in Kensal Rise Marjorie K. Perry
  • Haycroft Farm Irina Porter
  • Willesden Jewish Cemetery Willesden Jewish Cemetery
  • People and Willesden: Rosalind Franklin Harry Brown
  • Kilburn Pubs John Hill and Irina Porter
  • The Letters of Tom Leach Geoff Higgins
  • Interactive music maps of NW London – Part 2 Dick Weindling
  • American Pop Stars at the Gaumont State – Part 1 Terry Lomas
  • John Cunningham Cliff Wadsworth

Journal 53 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2021

  • Using Library Maps to Research the History of Your House by Hester Coley
  • Willesden Memories of John Cedric Robins by Sue Saunders
  • The Rise of Willesden Green Station by John Clarke
  • Robert Jones of Chapter Road, Willesden by Margaret Pratt
  • American Pop Stars at the Gaumont State – Part 2 by Terry Lomas
  • St Mary’s Willesden. Bellringing tours 1949 to 1954 by Paul Golding
  • Willesden Jewish Cemetery Talk by Margaret Pratt
  • Exploring Kensal Green and Kensal Rise by Margaret Pratt  
  • Britain’s First Supergrass by Dick Weindling

Journal 54 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 21/spring 2022

  • Willesden Trades and Labour Hall by Christine Coates
  • Coal, Dole and Dinner Ladies by Matilda Velevitch  and Daisy Ruland
  • Froth Blown in Willesden 1927 by Harry Brown
  • Arthur Tyler – Local Man and Liberator  by Myfanwy Lloyd  
  • Streets and Characters of West Hampstead and Cricklewood Book Review

Journal 55 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2022

  • Local History Walks and Projects  
  • Tributes to Dilwyn Chambers by Margaret Pratt and Huw Chambers
  • The Royal Agricultura Show 1879 by Steve Crabb
  • Hannah Moore Family History by Rosemary Moore
  • Willesden Green New Church by Philip Grant
  • Guinness Brewery at Park Royal
  • London’s Last Mechanical Signal Boxes by John Clarke
  • Railway Map by Peter Finch
  • Stories from the Grand Union Canal by Margaret Pratt and Irina Porter

Journal 56 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 2022/Spring 2023/

  • John Passmore Edwards 200 Festival by Irina Porter
  • Willesden Trades and Labour Hall by Christine Coates
  • Quest for Remembrance: A Personal Story of Dudden Hill School by Paul Mitchell
  • Descendent of Edmund Roberts of Neasden (1520-1585) by Margaret Pratt
  • A Winter Walk, Stonebridge to Brent River Park 22/1/22 by Margaret Pratt
  • Mapesbury Manor and Estate by Elayne Coakes
  • The Who in Kilburn by Terry Lomas
  • Talking Pictures by Anne Hill
Journal 57 (Ed. Irina Porter). Summer 2023
  • Altamira Update by Margaret Pratt  
  • Clifford Arthur Wadsworth by Margaret Pratt 
  • A History of Chess in Brent by Anthony Fulton
  • Amos Beeson by Margaret Pratt
  • A Courageous Rescue by Elaine McColl
  • Charles Reade and Willesden by Ken Valentine
  • Charles Reade, Victorian Author by Irina Porter
  • Kensal Green Memories by Ray Tattle
  • Early Colour Photography
  • By Dick Weindling and Marianne Colloms
Journal 58 (Ed. Irina Porter). Winter 2023/24
  • Altamira – some possible good news by Philip Grant
  • With Us All by Sean Roy Parker 
  • Brent Women of Renown Documentary Premiere by Amanda Epe
  • Inside the Coach and Horses by Margaret Pratt  
  • Willesden’s Post-War Prefab Homes by Philip Grant
  • Willesden Jewish Cemetery: 150 Years of History by Irina Porter
  • Old Oak Common by Margaret Pratt  
  • New London Rail Link by John Clarke
  • Under the Influence. Recollections of A. F. Bolton by Alan Merryweather
  • The 18th Century Tollgate at Kilburn Bridge by Bob Hyatt
  • Boxing Day 1962 by John Hill

Willesden’s Post-War Prefab Homes, presentation by Philip Grant, October 2023