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Past Events – guided walks and visits

Grand Junction Canal walk
21 July 2004. Cliff leading a guided walk down the Grand Junction Canal towpath. Members and friends are celebrating the 30th anniversary of WLHS. The Grand Junction Arms and the Power Station can be seen in the distance

Out and About with Local Historians

Over the years, members of WLHS have enjoyed the chance to discover more about Willesden, first hand, taking walks guided by local experts, and often joined along the way by interested passers-by! Despite distractions such as impatient cyclists on the Canal towpath, busy traffic on Kilburn Lane, or noisy lorries in Park Royal, guided walks are as popular as ever. This record is from the WLHS Magazines and Journals.

28.9.85. Walk around Kensal Green and Kensal Rise, led by Peter Finch.

20.9.87. Walk around the Welsh Harp Reservoir, (jointly with Wembley H.S.)

24.9.88. Walk round Paddington Cemetery, led by Mr. F.Kerin, Superintendent.

21.4.90. Visit to St.Mary’s Church, Neasden Lane, and Willesden Green Library, led by Ken Valentine.

29.9.90. Walk round Franklyn Road Cemetery.

20.4.91. Visit to St.Augustine’s Church, Kilburn.

19.10.91. Walk down Salisbury Road, led by Gwen Molloy.

16.5.92. Visit to St.Mary’s Churchyard, led by Ken Valentine

18.9.93. Walk round Kensal Town, led by Dr. Harper-Smith.

1.5.94. Kensal Green Cemetery Catacombs guided tour.

17.9.94. Visit to Church of St.Lawrence, Little Stanmore.

21.10.95. Walk around the site of the British Empire Exhibition, Wembley, guided by Dilwyn Chambers.

3.9.97. Guided walk through Willesden Green, led by Len Snow.

8.11.97. Visit to Whitechapel Bell Foundry.

17.4.99. Visit to Garnier’s, Enamellers, Willesden High Road, led by Vera Thompson.

27.6.99. Walk on Barn Hill, led by Kathy Northcroft.

9.7.00. Visit to The State Cinema, Kilburn High Road.

14.6.00. Willesden Boundary walk at South Kilburn, led by Vera Thompson.

23.7.00. “ “ walk down Kilburn High Road, led by Gwen Molloy.

15.10.00. “ “ walk around Kensal Green, led by Len Snow.

(Publication of “ Beating The Bounds”, Millennium Booklet, researched by several WLHS members, edited by Cliff Wadsworth.)

17.7.01. Roundwood Park guided walk, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

17.7.02. Roundwood Park, another walk with additional information, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

16.7.03. Grand Junction Canal, towpath walk from Acton Lane to North Circular Aqueduct, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

3.1.04. Tour of St.Mary’s Church, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

21.7.04. G.J.C. towpath walk, from Acton Lane to Old Oak, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

20.8.04. Tour of Roe Green walled garden, with Wembley H.S., led by Kathy Northcroft and Phil Grant.


Park Royal Tour

20.7.05. Guided tour of Park Royal, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

17.8.05. Kensal Green guided walk, led by Peter Finch.

15.7.06. Visit to St.Matthew’s Church, Harlesden, led by Fr.Alex Hill.

16.8.06. Walk round Church End and St.Mary,s Church, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

18.7.07. Walk round Willesden Junction area, and visit to All Souls’ Church, Harlesden, (Cliff Wadsworth and Fr. Michael Moorhead.)

16.7.08. Tour of Gladstone Park and St.Catherine’s, Neasden, led by Dilwyn Chambers and Robin Midwinter.

15.7.09. Walk round Lower Place, and the Grand Junction Arms, Acton Lane, led by Cliff Wadsworth.

21.7.10. St.Mary’s Churchyard, walk led by Cliff Wadsworth and Ray Lane.

20.7.11. Visit to St.Mungo’s Homeless Hostel, Pound Lane, hosted by David Rose, Manager.

20.7.13. Roundwood Park walk, looking at its history and trees, led by Cliff Wadsworth and Margaret Pratt.

Summary of outside events attended by WLHS Members

Queen's Park Day 2003

1988. First report of a stall at Queen’s Park Festival, on Sunday Sept.18th , manned by Bob Hyatt and Peter Finch. (Magazine editor, Ken Valentine.)

1989. Display at the opening of The Stables, Dollis Hill House, as a Brent Arts Council Centre. Presence, but not a stall, at Queen’s Park Festival.

1990. Queen’s Park festival. (Display of transport photos and railway tickets by Dilwyn Chambers.) Gladstone Park Fun Day. (Display of material about Dollis Hill.) Display atCenten ary Celebrations for John Keble and Princess F r e d e r i c a ’ s S c h o o l s ,Harlesden.

1 9 9 1 . Gl a ds t o n e P a r k. Queen’s Park. L.A.M.A.S. Conference at the Museum of London. (London and Middlesex Archaeological Soc.)


1992 – 1996. No reports of public appearances in the new Newsletter, (editor Jean Linwood.) (However, Jean regularly attended the annual L.A.M.A.S. Conference on behalf of the Society.)

1997. (Journal editor, Cliff Wadsworth.) Gladstone Park Fun Day. Queen’s Park Open Day. Brent Archives Open Evening.

1998. No report.

1999. Open day at St. Andrew’s, Kingsbury . Countryside day, Fryent Way. Gladstonbury. Kensal Green Cemetery Open Day. Queen’s Park Day. (By now Cliff Wadsworth had researched and published a number of local history books, which form the backbone of the display at events. Also, Len Snow has displayed his publications. Historic photos of local buildings, collected by Juliette Soester, proved to be a great attraction. After Juliette’s death in 2002, Irina Porter continued to display and update the collection.)

2000. No report.

2001. Gladstone Park Centenary. Fryent Countryside Day. Middlesex Show, Uxbridge. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. LAMAS

2002. Fryent Countryside Day. Gladstone Park.Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. L.A.M.A.S.

2003. Fryent Countryside Day. Gladstone Park. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. L.A.M.A.S.

2004. Gladstone Park. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. L.A.M.A.S.

2005. Gladstone Park. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. Fryent Way. Kilburn Festival.

2006. Queen’s Park. Open House at St.Andrew’s Kingsbury. Cricklewood Archive Open day.

2007 No report.

2008. Kensal Green Cemetery. Open House at St. Andrew’s Kingsbury. Queen’s Park.

2009. Kensal Green Cemetery. Opening of the new Archive at Willesden Green Library. Dedication of Civilian War Memorial in Willesden New Cemetery. Dedication of restored B.T.H. War memorial in St. Mary’s Willesden Churchyard.

2010. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. Open Day at St.Andrew’s, Kingsbury. Louis Wain exhibition at Brent Museum.

2011. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. Wembley History Society, 60th Anniversary Celebrations.

2012. Kensal Green Cemetery. Queen’s Park. Protest and Consultation meetings about closure and demolition of Willesden Library and Bookshop.

2013. Kensal Green Cemetery Open Day. Queen’s Park Day. Sustainability Forum Fair at Brent Civic Centre, Wembley.

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