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A new project to explore multicultural and mixed race history

By The Cut of Their Cloth
By The Cut of Their Cloth
‘By The Cut of Their Cloth’ or ‘BTCOTC’ is a collaborative project between local artist and designer, Warren Reilly (BA Hons) @wr.designs_ @wr.fineart and The Mixed Museum @themixedmuseum
The project will explore Brent’s rich multicultural and mixed race history. Workshops and open calls will be conducted to generate imagery and collect narratives that will encourage the local community to delve into family photos and work with relatives to explore and celebrate their own (and Brent’s) wider multicultural and mixed race past, with a particular focus on what the fashion in these photos can tell us about the sitters and the society they lived in.
Through participating in practical workshops in visual research, photography and illustration/image making, we hope that the images and family histories uncovered by the project, as well as the outputs created, will contribute to existing archival collections, such as that held by The Mixed Museum and Brent Museum and Archives, for future generations to study and enjoy.
Creative Director, Warren Reilly said: “As a local artist and designer who has grown up in Brent, It is very clear that our communities are crying out for much needed support and enrichment, which is exactly why the Being Brent Fund is so important!“
Warren Reilly is a 23-year-old, gay, mixed-race (Irish & Jamaican), award-winning social designer and applied artist from Church End, Brent. In 2019, Warren completed a First Class Bachelors Honours Degree in Textiles in Practice from Manchester School of Art @msoa_tip @manmetuni @mcrschart . As Creative Director of the ‘Fashioning our History’ project (Part of Brent 2020: London Borough of Culture) @lboc2020 @metrolandcultures Warren has now been awarded a 2-year rent-free residency at the Artist’s Studio Company In Alperton @asc_studios @ascgallery
The Mixed Museum is a digital museum and archive that contributes to widening knowledge about Black and ethnic minority British history through sharing and preserving the social history of racial mixing in Britain for future generations. Director of @themixedmuseum – Dr Chamion Caballero said: “Prompted to contact Warren to congratulate him on his wonderful ‘Pageboys to Protégés’ talk for @brentcultureservice Coffee Morning, it soon became clear that there was a great deal of overlap between his interests and the work we are doing at The Mixed Museum! Bringing together Warren’s creative methods and The Mixed Museum’s social history knowledge, we look forward to providing participants with the opportunity to share their multiracial and mixed family histories with the wider community, as well as develop some creative skills along the way.”
�� Photography courtesy of Valerie Pattinson-Bergson Private Collection 1921 & Glamorgan Archives – @nadianervoprojects @brentmuseumandarchives ��
�� Graphic Design �� @jennybm_artist

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